Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day, the single most romantic day filled with pink decorations, sweet smelling flowers, and even sweeter treats. Take the time to tell someone how you feel about them this Valentine’s day with a box of chocolates, a giant stuffed animal, or a fabulous dinner. Though if you find yourself with a single relationship status on this day filled with love don’t fret. You can still celebrate your own version of sharing your love with others. There’s hope in Valentine’s day.

First, why not spend the night in? Get creative with your dinner by buying some premade pizza dough, and a variety of toppings. Have your significant other over and let the ultimate pizza creations ensue. You could even have your own contest of sorts. The prize being a bottle of wine perfect to share.

Take your partner on the town and continue trying new things. Sometimes it’s impossible to choose what you want for dinner. Look no further, when you go out for Valentine’s day why not go out to a restaurant you’ve never been to? Go on an adventure together, look around every corner and down every alley for that hole in the wall restaurant. You never know what you’ll find, maybe your new favorite place to eat out. 

Another fun valentine’s day night activity could be a simple wine tasting tour. Go to a few wineries- or pubs- and try a flight. Have a good night that suits you and your loved one best. All in all whatever you come up with to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend this year they will love it, because you put thought behind it. 

While we’re on the subject of gifts why not treat your friend’s and yourself on us? At Women to Women Naturals we strive to help women be their healthiest selves, and 2020 is the year of real self-love. For a limited time, we are giving 15% off a purchase of any three items of your choice. Why not three bath bombs so after the Valentine’s day fun you can treat yourself to relaxation? Maybe a new soap is just what you need to feel like you’re glowing again, we have so many scents to choose from. You can’t go wrong with any of our products when it comes to treating yourself! The real struggle may be in picking out what you want! 

From us to you, have a great Valentine’s day!