Tips To Create A Healthy Lifestyle

What does the phrase “Healthy Lifestyle” really mean? 

Does it mean working out everyday and eating only leafy green foods 24/7, or does it mean doing whatever you want whenever you want in order to feel content? Honestly, I think a healthy lifestyle is striving to be healthy on your own terms. It’s maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle at school, work, family, and in body, spirit and mind yet challenging yourself to be the best and authentic YOU.


  • Loving yourself enough to take time to smell the roses and enjoy the view 
  • Working on reducing self-doubt, toxic environments and negativity while also embracing this beautiful life and making the best of EVERY situation
  • Being healthy means doing what gives you, yes YOU happiness
  • Being centered, happy and controlling your stress level
  • Always remember that being healthy on the inside will always radiate health on the outside! Surround yourself with people and things that lift you up and motivate you. 

Next let’s talk about “image”. You are beautiful and unique in your own way so stop comparing yourself to other people, especially online (Hello, Photoshop and Facetune are used in like 95% of posts these days). But if you truly aren’t happy about how you look, then do some research and work for that change! Whether this means exercising more, eating cleaner, pampering yourself more with facials and spa days, learn to put yourself first and your true self will shine through.