Thoughts from Our Founder

Like many women, my weight has increased as I get older.

It’s hard working out consistently with my work schedule, being a chauffeur, mom, cook/chef to the family and everything in between. I try to get a workout in at least every other day but my weight keeps increasing. At the beginning of the year, I was 172 pounds, thanks to the amazing pumpkin muffins at #dunkin…..that stuff is soooo good! I also admit to gaining a few more at thanksgiving since I was the host, I had to eat a lot to encourage guests to stuff their faces, right! The kids, my mom and I also took a week long cruise to the Bahamas on the #Carnival Pride. It was 8 days of little physical activity and plenty of good food ALL the time. I enjoyed every meal offered, desserts and everything in between. Good times! I got off the boat relaxed, tanned (yes, black people can get tanned too).