The Importance of Hair Health

When it comes to talking about your health, there are so many routes to consider. You can talk about your mental, physical, and emotional health. Let’s talk about hair health because you know if your hair isn’t happy, a bad hair day is around the corner. When a bad hair day happens your confidence goes out the window, so how can you prevent it? There are a number of small tricks like brushing your hair before you take a shower. No matter the texture of your hair if you detangle it before the shower, it’ll ensure less breakage and shedding while you wash your hair. Another easy way to help support your hair's health is by eating protein-rich foods. Your hair is made up of proteins, so eating fish, eggs, etc. will give it a boost and your hair will grow stronger. This is also beneficial to your health as a whole! The biggest way to keep your hair healthy is to watch what you’re putting in your hair, and how you’re putting it into your hair. When you use conditioner, use as much as you need to. A lot of people keep conditioner from their scalp, but you should be hydrating your scalp! Work from the ends of your hair up to your scalp then leave the conditioner in for one minute. Another good idea to keep hair healthy is to use hair masks regularly, especially if you use heat on it often. It will keep your hair soft, shiny, and smooth. Now that you know how to use hair products more effectively make sure you double-check the products your using. Make sure you look for natural ingredients, and especially ingredients that will strengthen and nourish your hair. 

If you’re looking for the perfect product set to help you keep up with a new healthy hair routine, then the Woman To Woman Naturals Chic Collection Set is for you! The Chic Collection is a set of three complete with shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask! The conditioner is perfect for you if you’re looking for that hydrating boost it’s loaded with organic virgin olive oil and green tea ideal for all hair types! It is also dermatologically tested so it’s truly perfect for your scalp. If you find yourself using flat irons, hairdryers, or curling irons take some time out of your day twice a week to use our hair mask to return the softness to your hair. Your hair’s health is just as important as anything else under the umbrella of health. If your hair is looking its best, you are feeling your best.  

Personally, when my hair feels good, I look and feel great. Making sure that my hair is at its best, helps my emotional well-being.

Take Time to Love Yourself and Start with Your Beautiful Mane.

Love and Peace XOXOXOXOX