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Renew Your Radiance

Hello Tribe, it’s Friday once again and the weekend is calling out ready to ask us to take a nap on the couch. It might be best to take that nap outside though and soak up all the sun you can! It is officially August and the warm weather is already starting to give way when the sun disappears. Time to get in all of that sunbathing you missed out on while hanging out in pajama quarantine. If you’ve been braving the world more and getting personal with the sunshine you missed for most of the summer, maybe you’ve noticed your selfies aren’t as breathtaking as they were before.

You are a queen who doesn’t need the help of any filters, but maybe recently you feel like you just can’t get enough light to get that bright glow your skin has always had. That dullness you’re experiencing could be a side effect of quarantine and just plain working from home. Dullness is very easy to get in your skin especially as you start to get older and your face stops producing as much natural oils as it used to. Now it’s time to buckle down and work for that flawless skin look. Dull skin is easy to get from simple things such as dehydration which I’m sure we’ve all suffered from.

Staying well hydrated keeps the blood in your body flowing adequately and gets the blood to your face to keep your complexion healthy. It’s not just dull skin that dehydration can cause. If you’re not getting the right amount of water in your body then it can cause things like fine lines, sagging, and wrinkles in your skin. You can fight all of this early by just drinking water. There are even fun water bottles that help you keep track of your daily water intake. Exfoliation is also a key player in keeping your skin looking beautiful and radiant. When you exfoliate you are removing those dead skin cells instead of just waiting for them to fall off.

Being ahead of the game and removing the dead skin cells you are preventing clogged pores. You know what no clogged pores means, it means acne is less likely to pop up, and if you have oily skin exfoliation will keep the oils from getting out of hand. The problem with exfoliation is there is a limit before it becomes too much of a good thing. If you exfoliate too often then you are removing too many skin cells even the healthy ones. When the healthy cells are taken away then the protective layer on your face is gone, and you’re back to square one with dull skin.

If you’re looking at yourself in your selfie camera now thinking, you’ll need to change your whole skincare routine to get that natural looking glow don’t sweat it. Woman to Woman naturals has your back! With our Retinol Renewing Cream your complexion is saved, and dull skin will be the furthest thing from your mind! With retinol and retinyl palmitate our Retinol Renewing Cream mimics skins collagen production mechanisms combating visible sights of aging related to college depletion. Your skin will maintain radiance with the use of this cream and you’ll always be ready for that perfect photo opportunity. Smooth out your skin and regain full confidence to go out and show off all of your facial features filter free.