Rejuvenate Kit: The Skincare Secret Weapon You Didn't Know You Needed

Feels like your skin needs some reparation and more elasticity in these cold and freezing winter days? You have an uneven skin tone? Or sensitive skin type with redness? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then you should definitely try the skincare secret weapon you didn't know you needed - Rejuvenate Kit!

This mix is intended for sensitive, oily, dry, and combination skin types. It's great for skin that needs care and nourishment above all. As we all know the increasingly common skin disease - hyperpigmentation is one of the bigger problems when it comes to the skin. A large percentage of the female population, hoping to cover up the dark stains and blemishes caused by this phenomenon, uses a lot of makeup which only worsens the already damaged skin condition. So, we present you one of the three products of Rejuvenate Kit - Pigment Correction Serum. It includes lightning agents with vitamin C and contains AHA's. These are natural acids found in food, mostly in fruits, although they are found in both milk and sugar. And what do they have to do with beauty? Well, they are used superficially, to treat dry skin, as well as to remove pimples from the skin. In addition, they are used successfully to remove the blemish from the face. Alpha hydroxy acids are a kind of natural exfoliant. What does it mean? They remove the outer, surface, 'sticky' layer of skin that keeps dead cells on the surface of the face. In that way, they release the skin from this unnecessary burden, Cleanse the pores and regenerate the skin faster. But, that's not all. Woman to Woman Naturals offers you another assistant that will help you make your skin look brighter and well-groomed. It's Brightening Boost Serum - it combines stem cells and resveratrol to address dark spots and discoloration caused by environmental exposure. It is also hydroquinone-free. Can be applied in both, a.m. and p.m. It should be used after cleansing, and it works best with Pigment Correction Serum, together. They make an ideal duo! So, if you want to be a Queen of perfectly bright and clean skin you should just use one of our skincare secret weapons!

Wait, that's not it. You need a final touch. And that would definitely be a Day Cream With Vitamin C. One of the most important things when it comes to skincare is that the skin is nourished, shiny, glowing, and full of elasticity. And what is even more important is that the skin is healthy and well-groomed.

They say a woman is most beautiful when her skin glows. So, as Queen B said - Ladies if you hear me help me sing it out! Well, this cream makes your skin look rejuvenated and nurtured because it contains vitamin C in her formula.

By the way, vitamin C is an ingredient that has become an unavoidable step in the daily beauty routine of women around the world. The reason for its popularity is completely justified. The multifunctional ingredient simultaneously protects your skin from harsh external factors and provides a beautiful 'glow' effect that we all strive for.

So ladies if you heard me out, hurry up and get yourself a Rejuvenate Kit and shine baby shine!