No More Oil Buildup

Happy fall tribe! The weather is cooling down and we’ve broken out the sweaters in the Woman to Woman Naturals office. Do you feel the chill in the air? What’s your favorite type of sweater to wear? You can’t go wrong with a simple crewneck to throw over top a shirt just in case the office gets a little chilly. Cardigans are also in the running for the best type of sweater to throw on as a just in case the sun doesn’t heat anything up that day. They are usually fluffy, cozy, and the closest to a blanket that’s acceptable to wear in public. Sweaters are the ultimate accessory and personally I find myself finding more neutral colors to go over a more fun undershirt. What kind of sweaters to your find yourself drawn towards?

Another Piece of fall fashion we can’t forget this year is masks. Now essential to any outfit combination is a mask, which aren’t all bad. People are now coming out with cute mask patters you can make on your own at home. Being able to make them at home means you can create anything out of any fabric to match your wardrobe! The only downside is masks leave your face a little sweaty, especially if you’re an essential worker wearing one all day. Masks trap heat and of course you sweat, but it can also trap oils in your skin that can be ground in and hard to remove if left for too long.

You may have noticed that your face feels more oily than regular, or if you have oily skin maybe it’s felt harder to keep under control. It happens to just about everybody and an oily face means that acne is sure to pop up right around the corner, and then you’ll never want to take the mask off. Washing your face regularly with gentle unscented soap is the best way to keep things under the mask under control.

Woman to Woman Naturals has your back with our own Activated Charcoal Facial Soap! For use every other day, or as needed. Wet the bar and apply right to your face scrubbing trapped dirt and oil right out of your pores! It is scentless so no worries about having a weird smell tickling your nose, and it’s recommended to use unscented facial soaps. This bar is a life saver especially now when a breakout can appear out of nowhere. Used right on the blemish site it dries up right away and by passes the stress of watching it grow. My skin always feels clear and brand new when I use the Activated Charcoal Facial Soap, I always feel like I’ve spent the day getting a facial and I’m ready to once again put a mask on without feeling like my skin is suffering. Struggle no more with the side effects of keeping healthy and try the Activated Charcoal Facial Soap for yourself!

Have a great weekend and stay safe!