New Collection Coming!

Hey beautiful! We have a big surprise for you but first, we need to tell you about these amazing ingredients. 

Let's talk Organic Olive Oil. Not only does it smell great but it stimulates hair growth, moisturizes your hair, treats dandruff and eliminates split ends. It’s not just for cooking!

Another great ingredient for your hair is Organic Green Tea. This powerful ingredient strengthens your hair to stimulate growth, prevent dryness, and prevent hair loss. Not to mention, it’s great for your skin too.

Organic Lavender is another must-have ingredient in hair care products because it promotes hair growth, fights inflammation, and even prevents head lice. Protect that luscious hair!

Organic Chamomile is not only used in tasty tea, but it provides many benefits when used in your hair. It promotes shinier hair but is also great at alleviating dry, itchy scalp so you can say goodbye to dandruff. 

I bet you didn’t know Organic Grape Extracts actually strengthens hair too. This ingredient also works to battle against hair loss and prevent dandruff. This ingredient is very light-weight so it is perfect in treating brittle and thin hair.

Finally, we’ve got Crambe Seed Oil. Also known as Mastic Abyssinian oil, this ingredient works to lock in moisture and protect your hair. You could even use it as a heat protectant!

Now that you know a little more about these ingredients, keep a lookout for our new collection which will contain ALL of these beneficial ingredients.