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Know Your Skin

Skin care has become a staple in just about everyone’s morning, or more popularly, nighttime routine. There’s something so therapeutic about removing make up and then giving your skin an extra boot knowing it’ll be glowing in the morning. Or maybe that pesky pimple will finally be gone when you wake up. The other perk is skin care is so easy anyone can do it, and it doesn’t have to take hour, you can find one cream that works for you. The hardest part might be just finding the cream that works. When choosing proper skin care knowing your skins type is important, so the products you pick will react properly giving you the desired treatment. 

The different skin types boil down to dry, combination, oily, and sensitive. How do you tell what skin type you are? It’s actually pretty easy, there’s tests online you can do, but really if you just pay attention to your skin you’ll know in no time. If you have dry skin, you’ll notice all over flaking, and your skin might feel tight. Combination skin holds its dryness in one spot, and that’s in the cheeks. When it comes to oily skin your pores are prone to being congested and clogged which means regular outbreaks. Sensitive skin is regularly red, rough, and it may look like you have a rash complete with the unpleasant itchiness. Once you have your skin figured out, you’ll have it all figured out. 

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