Khanya Ngumbela Appreciation

Born in a small town in South Africa, Khanya Ngumbela is currently pursuing a career in Motion Pictures, along with being a model. Talk about boss lady! We are so flattered to have gotten the chance to work with Khanya and send her our products to try out. Here is her response.

"So I've got something to confess: I've always struggled with keeping my natural hair healthy and hydrated. And I KNOW a lot of you can also relate. As #girlbosses we always have to look our best but that's easier said than done. Right? Well...

I have very dehydrated 4C hair and I've dedicated the last 3 years to finding products that nourish and protect it. I also stopped wearing styles that leave it thin and weak and stopped relaxing it. I also rarely use any heat at all. But time and time again

I've had to "big chop" because the products that I was using would let my hair down in a BIG way.

A few weeks ago I got a hold of the @w2naturals Queen Collection Set, which promises TRIPLE HYDRATION for dry and damaged hair. And the products have 100% delivered! My hair not only looks and feels super hydrated but smells great too! 

We truly appreciate Khanya for her feedback and we hope you all keep a look out for our new products to come!