Keeping Your Hair Hydrated

Keeping hair hydrated can seem like an impossible feat sometimes. I know I’ve had days where around noon my hair feels dead and ready to be tied back, on the worst days I’d love to have a hat. Dry curls are even worse with all the bounce sucked out all that’s left is a frizzy day disaster. What contributes to your less shiny days? For one it could be your very own shampoo sabotaging you. Curly hair is naturally acidic protecting your hair follicles keeping them smooth and making your hair shiny. If the PH of your shampoo is high, it might be slowly changing the chemistry of you scalp. It makes it more alkaline causing your natural moister to escape leaving your scalp a dry a dry desert.

If your shampoo isn’t causing you hair grief it could be your hair coloring technique. I know I suffer from this one. If you have dark hair you know the drill, in order to change the color bleach is usually the best answer. How can you not want to color your curls, they always come out beautifully? Unfortunately, coloring is a harsh process, but there are ways to combat that so you can have your colorful cake and eat it to. After coloring make sure to use hair masks regularly and condition to repair the damage done by bleaching products. A lot of coloring products are now trying to put conditioners in them to help the process not leave your hair crying for help.

Another thing that causes a lot of dry hair issues is constant heat. I am also guilty of that one. It takes years to air dry thick hair, so to the hair dryer it is. That of course really damages hair and causes a case of dryness along with split ends. Putting down the dryer, curling iron, or flat iron for a day two is sometimes best for your hair’s health. Rock a messy but look or go for the sporty ponytail on the off days. The biggest offense for some people that get regularly dry hair is skimping on conditioner. Conditioner is a product people sometimes just won’t use; a lot of people think they’re too heavy on hair. 

Finding the right conditioner to satisfy your hairs needs can be a challenge, but Woman to Woman Naturals has a solution for dry hair! Our Chic collection conditioner is meant to banish dry hair with our most hydrating formula yet. Your curls will thrive to their full volume and bounce with every step. Our Chic Collection conditioner will keep your hair follicles healthy and happy. With organic ingredients like organic olive oil, green tea, and sweet almond oil. This conditioner will satisfy anyone looking to revitalize their hair.

Try it for yourself and feel the difference. You want super hydration? Try using the Chic Collection Hair Mask as a deep conditioner. Many of our customers also use it As a Pre Poo and say it works great. So many women deal with dry an frizzy hair but I have found that wearing a silk or satin bonnet (that says on throughout the night) has helped me with frizzy hair. Don’t give up on getting hydrated hair. Achieving healthy hair is a lifestyle. Keep working your hair journey.