I Used Woman To Woman Naturals Chic Mask And Guess What

This is a response from Vicky, about her experience using the Chic Collection Hair Mask.

When it comes to hair, I have always thought about it as a way to express yourself. It’s just as important as the perfect outfit or accessory. Getting my hair styled just right will make or break the feeling of my whole day, kind of like getting that perfect eyeliner wing. Due to treating my hair like a fashion statement it has seen a lot of damage over the years and hasn’t really gotten a break since high school. I’ll never forget the first time I bleached out my hair and turned it pink, I’ve never looked back since. Hair color has always felt like an identity to me, having a normal hair color just stopped suiting me. You can tell so much about someone based on how they wear their hair. 

With all the coloring I do, my hair has its days where the damage really starts to make my hair feel terribly rough, and it looks just the same. Recently I’ve been embracing pink again which requires constant upkeep. Continual bleaching and coloring can be so relentless on hair, so I’ve been using our Chic Collection mask and it’s worked magic on my hair. After using the Chic Collection mask my hair felt silky and revived. The damage, especially around my roots, disappeared and now I use this mask regularly (a few days after a coloring) especially if it required a bleach process. I have never had a product so thoroughly fix the regular damage and not affect the color in my hair. I don’t have to worry about hair product ruining all of my hard work. If you are a color-aholic like me I would recommend this product ten times over.