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How to Give Your Hair Some Extra TLC At Home

You know that feeling when your hair is freshly washed and when you realize that you don't need makeup at all to look beautiful? Clean and well-groomed hair is quite enough for you to look perfect. Sometimes, it is enough that your hair is nicely cut, shiny, and natural to make the whole styling look just right! So, take some extra time to take care of your hair. Let’s show you some tips and tricks that will help give your hair some extra TLC at home.

STEP ONE: Proper hair washing

To wash your hair thoroughly and properly, it is enough to use an amount of shampoo comparable to the size of a hazelnut. Rub the shampoo through your hands and then apply it evenly. While washing your hair, you should mostly concentrate on the scalp, because that is where the hair gets the most oil. However, if the hair foams during the first wash, it is not necessary to shampoo it again, unless you’re using a shampoo that doesn’t lather. It is also important to rinse your hair well as otherwise, skin irritations may occur.

GOLD NUGGET 1: Cold water protects your hair

Yes, it's true. Maybe it doesn't sound so appealing, but trust me- you should try it. Try to grit your teeth and rinse your hair with cold water. In return, you will get even shinier and lush hair because the cold water affects the closure of the follicles and the surface layer of the hair will be smooth. A cold shower stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp, so your hair will grow stronger.

GOLDEN NUGGET 2: Do not rub your hair with a towel

Wet hair is more elastic than dry hair. If you tighten it unnecessary, break it, rub it with a towel- there is a great possibility that dandruff will form. Wrap your hair in a towel and dry it that way. Or try to use a microfiber towel, because its material is far gentler for your hair and your hair will dry much faster too. 

GOLDEN NUGGET 3: Use hair bonnet

If you don't have a silky pillowcase, or you can't afford it currently- it is much cheaper to buy yourself a hair bonnet. It protects your hair from harsh materials that irritate your hair and it also helps your hair to grow faster. Here, you can check out our Hair Bonnet and choose your favorite color P.S. if you are a housewife or you just love preparing food for yourself and your dearest, it can also protect your hair from the smell of food while cooking, thank me later 😎

GOLDEN NUGGET 4: Different hair, different care

Every hair has its own factor, a different factor. Natural hair needs different care than, for example, colored hair. So, you should find the perfect care for your 'type' of hair. Also, there is our Chic Collection Shampoo- a mild shampoo with a natural grape fragrance that gently cleanses all hair types. Yes, it is ideal for all hair types.😎


Watch out for the combs and brushes, you use to brush or comb your hair. Brushes with rounded tips made of natural hair are the best because that way the hair is preserved and prevents fast greasing. Also, there is one more important thing when it's about combing that can help you brush your hair easily- the conditioner! We present you our Chic Collection Conditioner – our most hydrating conditioner yet which is loaded with organic virgin olive oil and green tea. Just, apply to hair after shampooing. Let the conditioner sit in the hair and then rinse out. After that, you won't have any problems with brushing your silky and hydrated hair.

GOLDEN NUGGET 6: Nurture your hair

It is not enough just to eat healthy food full of vitamins and expect your hair to look great. It is one of the two conditions for healthy and nourished hair. The second one is taking care of your hair by using some products that help her look great and be healthy, For example, our Chic Collection Hair Mask which contains over 85% of natural ingredients, no sulfate, no paraben, no silicons, no alcohol, and no mineral oil. It's best for dehydrated hair caused by chemicals or natural causes.

Hope we showed you how to give your hair some extra TLC at home with Chic Collection Set.

Ladies, take care of your hair whether it is dry, hydrated, curly, wavy, or straight- it will be thankful later. It will back it up for you when you least expect it. Believe me!