Grapes And Your Hair Health

Summer is just around the corner and that means fresh fruits will be more readily available. Brightly colored watermelon, apples, and oranges will be on display in supermarkets, and it’s impossible to walk by without picking up something. A fan favorite just about everywhere is grapes and it’s easy to see why. These little fruits are easy to pick on if you’re hanging out at home beating the summer heat. They’re easy to pack away into a lunch, and you can even freeze them for an extra treat. Grape is a popular flavor for just about any product from fragrance to taste. Did you know though there’s so much more to grapes then just being the perfect fruit juice choice? Grapes are a lot of good packed into a relatively small easy snack.

Grape seeds have antioxidants that are well known to be good for the heart, and its celebrated as a heart healthy food. They do so much for hair and skin care as well, they are a natural powerhouse for beauty. It’s full of vitamin A and C which combats sun damage and inflammation on your skin.  The seeds also have vitamin E which helps promote blood circulation in the scalp. If you want to help enhance your own natural hair growth grape seed is the way to go. Grape seed also contains oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) which helps to prevent hair loss.

In our new Chic Collection shampoo, we have the great grape scent along with certified grape extract! It has been dermatologically tested and contains no silicone, parabens, or sulphate. Let grapes return the natural shine and softness back to your hair in an all-natural way. Give our Chic Collection shampoo a try for yourself and see if you notice a difference. Show off your best Chic style.