Fall Fun

Happy Friday tribe! How have you been? The weather is changing and it’s starting to get colder over on the east coast. With fall right around the corner the first thing that comes to mind is windy weather and falling leaves. I’m eagerly awaiting the change of the leaves, and I can’t wait to see all the colors as I’m driving on my way to work. Fall is also a great time for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Feeling the crisp fall air is just a different experience that’s worth a quiet weekend away. Just thinking about it I’m picturing myself sitting outside of a cabin with a cup of coffee. The best part about getting away is being able to clear your mind and let your everyday stress fall away – at least for a while.

Fall is the time to let your stress melt away before the hectic holiday season takes over. With all of the craziness in the world when was the last time you took time for yourself? Taking a trip away from everyone and taking time to let yourself reflect on the craziness of this year with a close friend or loved one that can appreciate the silence between you. Even better take your pet with you on a hike, they’re great trip companions who are also probably in the mood for a little adventure.

Take your favorite music and go for a jog through the woods appreciating the changing of the leaves. I know we all said that we were going to be more active during quarantine, but let’s be real- it was too hot out. Fall always feels like a great time to start outside sports because of the cool comforting breeze. Instead of sweating the second we step outside. Grab your bike, find a buddy and a path, and take time for you! 

With all or the outdoor activities you can do make sure that you’re thinking about your skin. The cold weather does affect it, and you need a good skincare routine to keep from having flakey skin all winter. You need that before the holidays Hallmark movie glow. The woman to woman naturals Rejuvenate Starter Kit is a three-set pack that will keep your skin hydrated and protected from the cold weather to come. It takes your skin some time to adjust from the heat of the summer to the chill of winter right around the corner.

A pigment corrector, brightening booster serum, and day cream with vitamin C. All made with your skins needs in mind, this is all skin type friendly from already dry to oily. The brightening booster is great after a day out hiking or biking if you apply it at night after all of that sun exposure. The pigment correction serum can also be used at night or in the morning for sun exposure. It can also be layered with either of the other two face creams. Take time for yourself this fall and get away, but don’t add any extra worries with a skin care kit perfect for you! 

Let us know about your fun fall plans, and your experience with the Rejuvenate Starter Kit on our website, or on Instagram with the hashtag #w2naturals. Have a good weekend!