Benefits of W2Naturals Conditioners

We all know how important it is to condition our hair, but have you ever taken a closer look at the ingredients that are within your conditioners? With Woman To Woman Naturals, you don't have to worry about what you're putting in your hair. Rest assured that all of our ingredients within our conditioners are natural, vegan, and organic! Our Queen Collection conditioner is rich in shea butter and hibiscus, while our Gorgeous Collection conditioner is rich in hibiscus, monoi oil, aloe vera, and avocado fruit oil. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that these ingredients offer.

Shea butter: Can prevent breakage, provides moisture, and reduces scalp irritation.

Hibiscus: Stimulates hair growth, makes hair smooth and shiny, deep conditions hair, treats dandruff and itchiness in scalp, combats hair loss, delays premature greying, prevents hair breakage, and cleanses your hair from any chemicals that may have been in it. 

Monoi Oil: Can help nourish the scalp and your hair, reduces frizz, reduces split ends, helps hair to grow stronger, and adds a healthy shine to your hair. 

Aloe Vera: Reduces scalp irritation, help repair dead skin cells on the scalp, helps soothe a dry scalp, and conditions and adds moisture to hair. 

Avocado Fruit Oil: Provides moisture and strength, provides a deep moisturizing treatment for the scalp, reduces dandruff, promotes hair growth, and protects against UV rays, fun fact, UV rays are not only harmful for the skin, but they can also cause damage to your hair. 

Now that you've learned about all of the amazing benefits that are in our conditioners, make sure to grab one of our conditioners and while you're at it, you can also pair those conditioners with our shampoos