5 Habits of People with Great Skin

Hello, ladies! Or should I say ladies who would like to know the secret of great skin? If you are one of those ladies, then you should definitely keep reading.

We would all like to achieve results very quickly and easily and that everything in life is so simple, but guess what it is not so, especially when it comes to skin. Before I tell you these 5 habits of people with great skin, I’ll tell you another secret that lies behind these five and which is a precondition for achieving our goal - patience! Arm yourself with patience, above all. Because when it comes to our skin it’s not enough just to use some products that smell nice and have cute packing. This story is much deeper than you think, so let’s discover these five habits every woman should know.

  1. Hydration - myth or truth? Can water really make your skin healthy and glowing? I am sure you have heard that if you drink enough water your skin will look great. Is it just that easy? Let’s find out! Hydration is connected with the skin. Our skin is 64 percent water. There is a lot of research on the importance and impact on the skin. It has been proven that 2.25 liters of water per day change the density and thickness of the skin and that 500 milliliters of water (2 glasses) increases blood flow to the skin. Without enough water, the skin will look darker, and pores and wrinkles will be more visible. In order for the skin to retain the required amount of collagen, it needs water. Also when the skin is elastic, nourished, and hydrated, it is less likely to crack due to external influences which can cause redness and irritation. So, ladies, I guess that from now on your favorite drink this year will be water. But, just because you hydrate your skin on the inside doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of her on the outside. When it’s about ‘ taking care from the outside’ we recommend our Vitamin C Serum that gives you collagen synthesizing nourishment and Rejuvenate Starter Kit which reduces lines and wrinkles and hydrates your skin.
  2. Avoiding sunbathing - something that is most difficult for girls, but it's definitely true that women who do not sunbathe much, or at least not after 10 am and before 5 pm, have ‘younger’ skin. I will not write about solarium- I believe that everyone already knows how harmful it is. So, if you are one of those who still ignore the warnings, please don’t do it anymore. Instead, it may be better to replace sunbathing with bathing in the sea (since we know that the water is good for the skin) if you’re fortunate enough to have access to the sea or beach. 
  3. Timely anti-aging - because every age has treatments that are ideal for it, depending on the person’s genetics and the aging process. It can be in the form of serums, massages, and special masks, through mesotherapy to fillers and botox in order to prevent aging. But, the most natural way to deal with aging is to use serums such as our Vitamin C Serum that we’ve already mentioned.
  4. Massage and special care - because sometimes skin needs extra support, after long working days, staying indoors, change of season, etc. Weekly peeling, cleansing, and deep care, regular facial massage that stimulates circulation and reduces swelling nourish the skin on a higher level than what we do every day. So, take some time to treat your skin right.
  5. Enough sleep - as much as you need it because it varies from person to person. But not any kind of sleep- but a night’s sleep, in a colder room, on a nice pillow. Make some tea instead of coffee, and read a book and leave your phone charging, because it needs rest just like your skin and dark circles. 

Ladies, it looks like this year we should stick to water, cream, and beauty sleep to achieve our goal. Well, I think it won’t be so difficult with Woman To Woman Naturals Skincare Products available for all skin types. What do you think?