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5 Easy Steps How To Prepare Your Hair For A Protective Style

Yes, we like to dress up, be beautiful and tidy however sometimes we just don’t have the time to fully dedicate ourselves and our hair so we often opt for some quick options.
So, each of us has opted for protective styles at least once. And probably none of us regretted it, because this decision brings with it a lot of benefits.
For example- it is ideal for all weather conditions, whether it is hot or warm protective styles protect your hair from the bad effects of weather conditions, which means that there is no bad time to use protective styling on your hair.
Also, it maintains moisture. Protective styles help you to ‘lock’ moisture in your hair and thus maintain its natural moisture level and avoid possible damage that would be caused by drying your hair.
Protective styles prevent breakage-this automatically means that your hair will grow faster.
And there is one very interesting benefit, and that is that in the morning you can comfortably just get out of bed, put on your favorite dress without a second of time spent on hair, and go to the first morning coffee in town. (and you’d still look fabulous)

Of course, hair needs to be prepared and we will help you on how to prepare your hair for protective styles.

First- you should cleanse your hair.
Choose your favorite shampoo and clean your hair and scalp well. If possible, choose a sulfate-free shampoo that dries your hair. Wash your hair thoroughly and you will take the first step in preparing for protective styles.
# W2NATURALS suggests some of our shampoos such as KISS: KIND AND SIMPLE SHAMPOO or CHIC COLLECTION SHAMPOO.

Deep conditioning
It is important to choose a good conditioner. Apply conditioner and let it stand for at least 30 minutes. This will help your hair to be silkier, moisturized, and easier to manipulate. You can try out GORGEOUS COLLECTION CONDITIONER or one of our QUEEN COLLECTION leave-in conditioners.

Moisturize hair
It is very important to give your hair some extra moisture and to get it ready for a protective style. Try some natural oils or some hair masks such as CHIC COLLECTION HAIR MASK - a deep hydrating mask for unparalleled deep scalp and hair hydration with Organic Lavender, Chamomile, and Shea Butter.

Come in touch with nature - drink raw eggs
I know it doesn't sound tempting but this has been verified.
Biotin is Vitamin H. It's part of the vitamin B complex. Raw egg whites contain high levels of the protein avidin. This binds to Vitamin H, which then helps to metabolize fats and carbohydrates and promotes hair growth. Per Aspera ad Astra!
Comb your hair well. Separate strand by strand and comb each separately. It is very important that the hair is not dry and tangled to make the final result better and that the hairdresser can more easily manipulate your hair without difficulty.

If you want to protect your hair from weather conditions that harm it and at the same time always have a cool hairstyle ready then protective styles are the choice for you, and we hope we have guided you well in the steps of preparation for protective styles.