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17 Jul 2020 | Brittney

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What does w2naturals stand for?

W2naturals stands for Woman To Woman Naturals. We purchase

natural ingredients from women in developing countries to make

our products, and by purchasing directly from these industrious

women, we are actively supporting their financial independence and

empowerment. Every product sold is made with the most natural

ingredients for every woman to shine and hydrate naturally.

How did the story begin?

Woman To Woman Naturals was birthed out of personal adversity.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I was diagnosed with

lymphadenopathy, which is unusually enlarged nodes in various

body parts. I saw several doctors but none of them could explain why

my lymph nodes were enlarged. So I decided to start eating more

vegetables, and I eliminated many processed foods from my diet. I

also worked with an organic production chemist to make soaps and

hair products with minimal chemical content for my personal use.

When I shared these products with friends and family, they

gave me positive feedback, and so, I was encouraged

to launch Woman To Woman Naturals.

Why is it important to source

natural ingredients in our hair

and beauty products?

There has been a shift in consumer

culture. The use of natural ingredients

has now become a lifestyle for many

women (and men alike) and it’s no longer

considered a fad. Customers are now

more interested and invested in checking

product contents and ingredients. At

Woman To Woman Naturals, we respond to

our customers’ desire to use the most natural

ingredients with our products which are all made

to meet and exceed their expectations. We constantly

strive to source the most natural ingredients for our hair

cleansers, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, natural soaps, bath

bombs and beard oil.

To e n j o y f r e e  sh ippi n g on y o u r  f i r s t  pu r c h a s e ,

v i s i t @ w w w.w 2 n a t u r a l s . c om a n d  t o  r e c e i v e  a 

10% d i s c ou nt on t h e Go r g e ous Collection set, use code FUN10 a t t he c he c k out


What’s the key to your success so far?

I believe that, like most successful businesses, all we

need to do is continue tomake amazing natural

products, and the sky is the limit!We are

constantly meeting and educating women

about the advantages of using more natural

products. There are different hair types and

each one has certain ingredients that are

best suited for it. As women, we usually

just use what is available until we find what

works for our hair types. Sure, it helps to

use beauty products but it is so much better

for us to use beauty products that are healthy

even as they achieve our desired results and

meet our needs.

What results can we expect using the range and

why is your brand different from other hair companies?

What differentiatesWoman ToWomanNaturals from other hair

brands is that our products aremade from natural ingredients sourced

from industrious women in developing countries. We are very proud

of our close partnership with women around the world. Our brand

also serves a wide customer base because we cater to all hair types,

ranging from black, biracial/multiracial, natural, permed to curly.

Name your bestseller and why?

Our bestseller is our Gorgeous Collection set which includes a

hair cleanser, conditioner and leave-in conditioner. It is our best

seller because it is loaded with beneficial natural ingredients that

promote healthy hair. It’s made with elderflower, red clover, aloe

vera, chamomile, hibiscus and avocado oil. Many customers also

appreciate its lovely fragrance, which never hurts!

The use of natural

ingredients has now become a

lifestyle for many women (and

men alike) and it’s no longer

considered a fad

Bestseller Gorgeous

Collection from £10

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